Anne Goslee-Jovović, the International School Of Belgrade

A Celebration of Learning

The International School of Belgrade (ISB) is proudly celebrating its 70thanniversary. Thousands of children have passed through the portals of knowledge at ISB since the school was founded in 1948. This would not be possible without ISB’s caring, committed and highly qualified educators.

Anne Goslee-Jovović joined ISB in 1970 and continued her stellar work until retirement in June 2017. She worked for almost five decades in various teaching capacities and taught language Arts, Social Studies, Visual Arts and Art Enrichment.

The International School of Belgrade was established way back in 1948 and this year celebrates seven decades of work. Which years and periods proved crucial to your school?

Each period in ISB’s history has proved challenging in its own way:
Adapting buildings, developing grounds and campuses, including specialised technology, sports, art, drama, music, science and administration rooms, has continued from the 1950s to the present day.

Liaisons and accreditation with the ECIS (European Council of International Schools), CEESA (Central and Eastern European Schools Association), NEASC (New England Association of Schools and Colleges), the Pittsford, NY, School to School project, the IB (International Baccalaureate Primary Years, Middle Years, and Diploma Programs) all have enriched the mission of ISB throughout the years.

The amazing teachers and administration who have passed through ISB classrooms have brought teaching methods and experience from around the world

Enrolment fluctuations from 10 to over 400 students from K-12 have demanded flexible staff and administration.

The amazing teachers and administration who have passed through ISB classrooms have brought teaching methods and experience from around the world.

Changes in the host country’s government and economy, as well as international communications/relations, have varied greatly during the history of ISB.
I believe that each challenge has served to make ISB a stronger school.

Your teachers strive to inspire and direct school pupils towards discovering their interests, talents and passions, towards being leaders. What kind of results has this concept yielded?

The results include a student population that is not afraid to try something new, to help each other and others in Belgrade, to accept differences, to independently design research projects, to feel confident in displaying their work in the school and community, to study in foreign countries and in foreign languages.

For the International School of Belgrade, the interests of pupils and their most diverse needs have always been at the centre of attention. How difficult is it to create a balanced curriculum that is tailored to the majority yet also customised to the individual?

Rather than being difficult, I would say that it is a joy as a teacher to develop a class curriculum that is flexible enough to encourage many different ways of mastering it.

Your school has always been known as an empowering and healthy environment that promotes learning. What specifically sets you apart from you from the schools of the education system of the state of Serbia, but also other international schools?

As an international school, ISB has the privilege of sharing the varied viewpoints of students from more than 40 countries and teaching them to learn beyond an assigned, fixed curriculum.

The positive relationship with the host country of Serbia and the significant Serbian student population at ISB have ensured that international families posted to Serbia feel welcome.

As an international school, ISB has the privilege of sharing the varied viewpoints of students from more than 40 countries and teaching them to learn beyond an assigned, fixed curriculum

Despite its long tradition and rich experience, your school also respects and accepts the demands of modern times and adapts to them accordingly. Is this one of the secrets of the success of both your school and your pupils?

Yes, it certainly contributes to the success. ISB has followed advances in information technology since the beginning. And such activities as sports, travel, art exhibits, drama, music, community outreach, cultural arts festivals, debate, model UN and a rich offering of languages have all consistently enhanced the ISB curriculum.      

Although you are an international school, you both respect and promote cultural differences. How do the pupils handle such an environment?

Cultural diversity has been the norm at ISB. Teaching at ISB enabled me to celebrate students’ individuality and also explore what each of their cultures offered. In my middle school art and English classes, students worked towards the goal of each lesson with the appreciation of how much the work of each of their classmates might differ from their own.

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