COTRUGLI MBA Triathlon – Opportunity That Arises Once Every 20 Generations

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To commemorate the enrolment of the jubilee 20th generation of students, COTRUGLI Business School invites all those interested to join the COTRUGLI MBA Triathlon, which will ensure future students enjoy attractive celebratory conditions for enrolment in this prestigious Executive MBA programme.

Join the MBA Triathlon:

Unique opportunity for those seeking to raise their professional skills to a higher level and advance in their careers

It was once the case that the title of MBA (Master Of Business Administration) was reserved exclusively for those holding top management positions at major international companies. And even today, those opting to enrol in this programme are mostly businesspeople aspiring to higher positions or those who generally want to make strides in advancing their careers.

This is the most prestigious business programme with worldwide repute, which profiles its students as leaders of the 21st century. The MBA programme’s advantages apply to all students regardless of their area of industry or field of work, and the diploma itself, received upon successful completion of the programme, also ensures a better understanding of the global market and the development of strategic thinking capacities and leadership skills, as well as contributing to the expansion of the student’s business network.

It is thanks precisely to these benefits of the MBA programme offered by COTRUGLI Business School that many students, today members of the alumni, have undergone a complete professional turnaround and experienced expansive growth and advancement in their careers. Why wouldn’t that also happen for YOU?

COTRUGLI MBA Triathlon – Unique experience in three disciplines

To commemorate the enrolment of the jubilee 20th generation of students, COTRUGLI invites all those interested to join the unique experience in three disciplines that is the MBA Triathlon, which will provide participants with the possibility of enrolling in this prestigious programme at a reduced price.

Specifically, all those who successfully navigate all three of the key stages of the MBA Triathlon challenge will have the unique opportunity to receive a discount of 30% on tuition fees, with the opportunity to receive this discount granted to the 20 fastest, most skilful and most agile individuals.

Through three phases of different challenges, individuals will have to demonstrate their knowledge, skills, speed and ability to handle new situations, but also prove that they can function perfectly as both individuals and team members, while in return they will receive first-hand information and meet prestigious lecturers, mentors and former students, from whom they will directly receive all information about the programme itself.

Do you think that you’re sufficiently motivated to overcome all business challenges?

Join us and become part of an inspiring community that’s driven by change!

All that separates you from inclusion in this challenge is a grain of courage and a few clicks, and all that separates you from your desired outcome is a little of your time, but also great motivation and a competitive spirit. That’s why you should grab this opportunity to advance your entrepreneurial and business knowhow with the most prestigious MBA programme in the region! Join the MBA Triathlon and see for yourself!

Tradition of knowhow and excellence

All of the COTRUGLI Business School MBA programmes are acknowledged internationally and accredited by the AMBA (Association of MBAs), while the COTRUGLI School itself enjoys the reputation of being the leading business school in Southeast Europe. AMBA provides independent proof of the quality and excellence of MBA programmes, and does so for only the top 2% of business schools in more than 70 countries worldwide.

The school’s cooperation with leading world experts in the domain of business education, leading to more than 20,000 satisfied clients, has contributed to the affirming of the COTRUGLI school’s position as the most advanced business school in the SEE region.

The best for the best

The COTRUGLI Business School’s MBA modules are led by top lecturers who are world experts in their respective fields, and apart from holding lectures and mentoring, they simultaneously also work for numerous companies worldwide, which ensures they have essential and relevant insight into today’s labour and business markets.

Numbers say more than words

If you’re still wondering whether you should enrol in the MBA programme and how it could help transform your career, then you’re in the right place. As the business school with the largest alumni network in this region of Europe, COTRUGLI conducts continuous research on the satisfaction of students, as well as monitoring their professional growth and advancement following completion of the programme, and here the numbers speak for themselves.

In a major survey conducted on a sample of more than 2,000 respondents (alumni), 74% confirmed that they’d either advanced within their company or changed jobs for the better, 64.1% achieved significant salary increases after completing the programme, while almost all of them – 94.8%, to be precise – would recommend COTRUGLI to future generations.

Furthermore, more than 70% of all participants in COTRUGLI’s MBA programme hold top management positions at major regional and international companies, or at larger or smaller organisations in Serbia and around the region, whether as company directors or independent entrepreneurs.

Students of the COTRUGLI Business School MBA programme include business managers, IT experts, engineers, consultants and bankers, all of whom are united in a desire to acquire new skills, knowhow and tools, but also a desire to expand their business network and acquire lifelong friends and associates.

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