Ces.TRA, The Pride Of Serbia

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The Belgrade Company CeS.TRA has been pronounced National Winner in the European Business Awards competition and business winner in Serbia in the category ‘Turnover from 0 to 25 million euros’. In May, we will see if they are the best in Europe.

Rapid change requires constant adjustment and seeking optimal, innovative and sustainable solutions in all areas of human activity. When solutions for new and existing infrastructure projects are needed, clients turn to Ces.TRA as a leader in this field.

The beginnings of our company Ces.TRA date to 2005 when the Danish company COWI A/S established a company in Serbia within the COWI group, so as to extend the experience and knowledge it has acquired across the globe to this part of Europe too. A team of local and international experts was soon formed, who strengthened their position on the market and became a recognisable brand. Last February, the company became one hundred per cent locally owned, retaining a strong connection with its international partners.

The company specialises in the areas of infrastructure development, water and environmental engineering, consulting and technical assistance, and it participates in some of the most important and largest projects in the country and the region. Current activities include consulting, designing, planning, and research in the field of engineering and infrastructure projects, including spatial planning, transport planning, planning for roads, railways, tunnels, bridges, terminals, parking facilities, cycling infrastructure and building construction. Environmental and Social Impact Assessments (ESIA) for existing infrastructure projects, and for plans and programmes, are an integral part of the core business and represent one of the steps in designing sustainable solutions.

CeS.TRA has generated more than EUR 3.5 million of revenue, it operates in 14 countries, with 60 permanent employees and more than 100 temporary staff (at the annual level), working on over 50 ongoing projects.

Consulting and technical assistance, which imply a comprehensive technical, environmental, legal and financial assessment of a project, also represent one segment of the company’s activities. The services cover assistance and managing projects for construction, rehabilitation, reconstruction, supervision and public-private partnerships in large infrastructure projects.

Owing to its professionalism, extensive operating range, numerous demanding projects that have been successfully completed, the company has been pronounced National Winner in the European Business Awards competition and business winner in Serbia in the category ‘Turnover from 0 to 25 million euros’. The decision was made by the votes of independent judges, including business leaders, politicians and academics from the most developed countries, and CeS.TRA will represent Serbia in the final stage of the competition.

Adrian Tripp, CEO of the European Business Awards said: “This is a remarkable achievement and CeS.TRA is clearly a leader in its field. To be a National Winner means to represent our key values of success, ethics and innovation, and to be one of the best in Europe”, wishing the best of luck in the final round of the competition.

The European Business Awards have been awarded for 11 years. The primary purpose of the competition is to support the development of the business community across Europe. This year, more than 110,000 companies from 34 countries participated in the competition.

CeS.TRA is also competing in the category ‘European public winner’, where the public from around the world will vote on the winner. The competition’s popularity is shown by the fact that as many as 250,000 votes were registered last year.

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