Čedomir Janjić, Mayor Of The City Of Zrenjanin

We’re Expanding Industrial Zones

The City of Zrenjanin is expanding its industrial zones, as the existing ones are almost completely occupied and potential investors are seeking larger plots. Some of them are already expressing their intention to later expand their business premises and operations, due to them planning their long-term presence and development in our city

Companies wanting to invest in Zrenjanin are currently showing the greatest interest in production branches of the economy, agriculture and the food industry, but more recently also the IT sector, for which we can provide young, qualified people.”

Which advantages and incentives does the City of Zrenjanin offer investors?

We strive to provide investors with a good environment for doing business and excellent locations in our industrial zones, which are owned by the City and are fully equipped with infrastructure for construction, which few cities and municipalities can boast of.

Alongside that, we also offer the complete logistics, assistance in obtaining building permits and other documentation, as well as temporary office space in our Business Incubator. We also stimulate potential investors by granting them a commercial discount of 30 per cent, provided the costs of urban construction land are paid immediately.

We’ve also gone a step further, such that last year we decided to expand the “Jugoistok” (Southeast) industrial zone to encompass an additional 550 hectares of construction land intended for investors. That’s something that very few local governments in Serbia can offer today in one place, while we’ve also sought to expand the Free Zone because interest in that also exists among investors.

You were recently visited by U.S. Ambassador to Serbia Kyle Scott. What were the topics of conversation?

That was an opportunity for me to present the history and all the beauties and advantages of Zrenjanin, primarily as an industrial centre and a good place to invest. I hope that discussion will also have tangible results and that we will welcome potential investors from the United States in the period ahead.

I am pleased that Ambassador Scott assessed our region as being positive for attracting investments. We also looked back on the importance of Mihajlo Pupin and his role in connecting our two nations. He is one of our greatest scientists, who was born in the Zrenjanin area and gained success and repute in America.

This year we are celebrating the centenary of the great alliance between Serbia and the United States during World War I, and the days when the Serbian flag flew above the White House in honour of our historic victory in the Great War. This is also an opportunity for new projects and even better cooperation in the future

With the help of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), Zrenjanin’s Basic Court, Health Centre and several schools have been renovated in recent years. Has further cooperation been agreed?

Thanks to USAID, numerous projects have been implemented in our city, including the renovation of the Magistrates Court in Zrenjanin, the opening of the Office for MPs’ Communication with Citizens, assistance to our Health Centre and the renovation of several primary schools. These are all activities that assist us at the local level and I believe this cooperation will continue.

For the City of Zrenjanin, the support of one of the world’s largest and most influential countries is certainly welcome, and we are adhering to the policy at the state level in that respect, i.e. maintaining good cooperation between the Republic of Serbia and the United States.

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