Aleksa Čokić, Account Director, Red Communication

Harmony of Diversity

Good interpersonal relationships are the key to the success of agency Red Communication, which is comprised of different people who compose a perfect entity

This is confirmed by the recognition of the “Excellence Awards”, the most important awards in the fields of communications, the receiving of which ranks Red Communication among the top five firms in Europe, in competition among more than 1,500 candidates, including Microsoft, Samsung, Coca-Cola, the BBC and others.

How would you assess the trend that sees no reduction in the number of advertising agencies in Serbia, despite the current crisis in the country; do you expect the consolidation of this sector to happen soon? 

Looking at the situation from my own perspective, I can say that we are generally a very adaptable nation. Advertising agencies have learned to function in crises and profit from them, which I suppose is logical.

Large companies are those that have money and a product that they need to sell, and we’re there to figure out how to make that seem affordable, high quality and “organic” to our people. That’s why I think the economic crisis encouraged creativity in Serbia, and that people from this industry have, perhaps in a tough way, become much stronger in their work than they would be if we were living in a super regulated country where people don’t know what an economic crisis is.

When it comes to the consolidation of this sector, at least when it comes to PR agencies, I expect that in future we will witness the general consolidation of the job and narrower specialisation of work, according to the Western example. Time was needed for people in Serbia to understand PR; for companies to grasp the importance of the sector of public relations, and for the people to stop perceiving Samantha Jones as an example of PR.

Behind each of our successes there is a lot of work, and this year Red Communication will sail into some new waters, and perhaps surprise our industry colleagues

Red Communication bases its good results on qualified people, creativity and widely established channels for the distribution of messages. Where do you achieve the highest level of efficiency?

It may sound like the worst possible cliché, which readers will probably be able to be read in every interview in this issue, but good interpersonal relations really are the key to the success of our agency. Red Communication is comprised of a group of completely different people who compose a perfect entity, which is really special on the market.

Each of us is personally, naturally integrated into part of our society, whether that be business, fashion, politics, sport or entertainment, and we provide the perfect recipe for work in any field, a winning combination for working with clients, and hence these good results that you mentioned in your question.

There is no vanity. It is dynamic work and every day we learn something new, which is actually one of the things I love the most about this work: no two days are the same.

In which direction will the further development of Red Communication progress in 2017?

I’m not superstitious, but I read everywhere about how this year will be special. We are not waiting for miracles. Behind each of our successes there is a lot of work, and this year Red Communication will sail into some new waters, and perhaps surprise our industry colleagues. We certainly plan to expand our portfolio of clients, but also to strengthen relations with existing clients and grow together with them.

In this business it is impossible to make long-term plans, especially in this time of “crisis”, thus the month of March seems too far away, but what is certain is that we will await it ready with a smile, and we will paint it red.

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