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Acibadem Enters Serbia Through Strategic Partnership With Bel Medic


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Acıbadem Health Group, a world-famous chain of hospitals, has become the majority owner of Bel Medic, Serbia’s leading private health care institution with a 26-year tradition. In the future, they will operate as Acibadem Bel Medic. The co-owner and CEO will be Dr Jasmina Knezevic, as before.

Acıbadem Healthcare Group has been operating in Turkey since 1991. The system operates globally in 4 other European countries (North Macedonia, Bulgaria, Netherlands and now Serbia), with 22 general hospitals, 13 outpatient facilities, more than 4,200 beds, over 22,500 employees and 4,000 physicians. Acibadem Health Group belongs to the world’s second largest chain of IHH hospitals.

Bel Medic was founded in 1995 by Dr Jasmina and Milan Knezevic and it is the leader in the private health sector of Serbia and the region. Bel Medic is recognized for its top-quality health service and is accredited by European standards. Beside hospital with a Maternity Unit, Surgery wards, Cath lab, Intensive Care Units and patient rooms, Bel Medic has four outpatients’ facilities. Every day, 24 hours a day, more than 800 doctors are dedicated to the treatment of children and adults.

With regards to the merger of Bel Medic system to Acibadem Healthcare Group, Mr. Mehmet Ali Aydınlar, Founder and Chairman of Acıbadem, said, “We are pleased to have Acıbadem’s sixth European hospital in Belgrade. As a result of our partnership with Bel Medic, as one of the key healthcare service providers in the country, we will be transferring Acıbadem’s know-how into Serbia. I believe that, healthcare service delivery level in Serbia will be elevated to a much higher level led by synergies to be created with Bel Medic.”

Mr. Angel Angelov, Chief Executive Officer of Acıbadem City Clinic B.V., said, “We are extremely excited to further extend our operations in the West Balkans. We believe that our Group’s strive for excellency and first-class patient service will have a positive contribution to the Serbian healthcare market.”

Dr Jasmina Knezevic, founder and CEO of Bel Medic, said: “I am very pleased that Bel Medic has become a partner in a chain of world-class hospitals. Our citizens already have a positive experience with Acibadem’s health care system, which is recognized in our country by the highest level of medicine and which is known for its care for patient and his complete satisfaction. I am sure that the strategic merger of two strong brands, such as Acibadem and Bel Medic, will bring world medicine closer to our citizens, as well as contribute to the Serbian economy.”

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