Ana Manić, Sales and Marketing, Sauter Building Control Serbia

World’s First Covid-19 Vaccine Factory

Sauter is a Swiss company that is entrusted with the most demanding and complex projects around the world, because it has the best and most reliable solutions, as well as many years of experience in automating BSL-4 laboratories in the countries of Western Europe

“Having the status of a leading brand in the field of pharmaceutical and laboratory controls has brought us an engagement in Baku and participation in the construction of four BLS-3 laboratories, while – on the basis of top references – we’ve also been entrusted with one of the most important jobs in the world,” reveals Sauter Building Control Serbia’s Ana Manić

Why did China place its trust in your Swiss company when it comes to the construction of the first factory for a vaccine against Covid-19, which is one of China’s most important strategic projects of national interest?

The project of constructing a factory for a vaccine against the virus, which is the biggest threat to today’s civilisation, has the highest priority for the Chinese state, but also for the rest of the world.

It is for that reason that no risk is allowed in any segment of the project, and Sauter is recognised as a company that can ease the realisation of the requirements set significantly, as it has the best and most reliable solutions. We are very proud of that fact. Through the comprehensive integration of all components, we combine systems into unique solutions that meet the specific requirements of each facility.

The BSL-4 certificate is awarded for the highest level of biological safety to laboratories in which viruses are tested

So, Sauter is automating the laboratories where the first vaccines will be produced. How important is automation when it comes to the vaccine production process?

In accordance with the strictest requirements, automation is essential in research laboratories. Including the protection of people and property, maintaining temperature and humidity, and controlling danger zones, the automation process must reliably maintain the flow and quality of air, prevent exchanges of particles between different areas within the facility, and thereby maintain a sterile environment. Sauter recommends itself in this field due to its many years of experience involving the automation of BSL-4 (Biosafety level 4) laboratories in the countries of Western Europe. The BSL-4 certificate is awarded for the highest level of biosafety to laboratories in which viruses that threaten today’s society are tested.

Does Sauter Serbia share similar experiences when it comes to the field of laboratory automation, for which applications are almost always crucial from the perspective of safety and finally health, considering the importance of products that are produced and tested there?

Certainly. Sauter Serbia has implemented a strategically important project in Baku, Azerbaijan. That project is called the CRL (Central Reference Laboratory). Investors in the project are the U.S. Army and the Government of Azerbaijan. Our engineers from Belgrade worked on the development of project documentation and the complete implementation of the Sauter solution, concluding with the commissioning of the Building Management System in Baku.

We had four BLS-3 laboratories on that project, and it was an extremely demanding project that was received successfully by consultants from Washington, with whom we had great collaboration. This was a significant experience for us, because BSL-3 laboratories are a rarity and you don’t get many opportunities to work on such a project that’s complex in every way.

Ana Manić, Sales And Marketing At SAUTER Building Control Serbia

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