Aleksandar Savović, Director, Geoinova Informatički Inžinjering, Banja Luka

Recognisable On The International Market

The INOVA Group has spent the past 20 years focusing on the development of integrated CAD and GIS software support for the sustainable management of space and infrastructure systems. Inova’s software solutions have a very long list of users that includes more than 400 public and private companies, as well as local and state administrations

As many as 80 per cent of our customers are domestic and foreign private companies, which certainly consider carefully what they are purchasing. in 20 years of operations we haven’t received a single negative reference from the aspect of timeliness and in accordance with the specification of the work performed, notes Mr Savović with pride.

Together with your sister companies, you are a regional leader in the development and implementation of CAD and GIS solutions. Where are all those solutions present?

We are still most recognisable on the international market for our software package for planning, designing, maintaining and managing telecommunications networks and systems (Inova TeleCADGIS).

Over the last three years we’ve developed and implemented similar SW solutions for companies that manage road infrastructure (Inova RoadCAD-GIS), and electricity transmission and distribution (Inova ElectroCAD-GIS). Of course, in a developmental sense we haven’t neglected our oldest SW package to support local and state administrations in the field of spatial planning and urbanism (Inova AreaCAD-GIS). We increasingly adapt our solutions to support SmartCity and BIM projects, i.e. the smart management of spatial and infrastructural resources, as well as energy efficient urbanism and construction.

Over the past 12 years you’ve proven the expertise and quality of your own solutions through the implementation of more than 120 IT projects. Could you cite some of them for us?

Our long-term partners are Telekom Srbija, Mtel Banja Luka, Mtel Podgorica, BH Telekom, Telekom Slovenija, Elektromreže Srbije, PE Elektroprivreda Srbije, Elektrokrjina Banja Luka, Iskra Stegne Ljubljana, Energoinvest Sarajevo, PE Autoceste Republike Srpske, PE Autoceste Federation BiH, PE Roads of Republika Srpska, the Urban Planning Institute of Republika Srpska, the Geodetic Administration of Republika Srpska, the city administrations of Banja Luka, Prijedor, Gradiška, Sarajevo and others. Our users also include important members of global companies: Telenor, Nokia, Huawei, Telemah, ZTE, Mital and others.

We increasingly adapt our solutions to support the smart management of spatial and infrastructural resources, as well as energy efficient urbanism and construction

Our main clients know that we are respectable partners and official developers of the world’s strongest companies in the field of technical software and databases (Autodesk, Oracle etc.), that our technical support is available 24/7, that we constantly adapt our solutions to their needs, and not the other way around… That instils trust.

The majority of your projects are financed by regional telecommunications operators, the World Bank, USAID, GTZ, UNDP etc. Does that testify to your quality?

INOVA group acquired most of its projects by participating in tenders that were announced and controlled by organisations with strict international standards and validated rules (the World Bank, UNDP, EBRD, USAID, JICA, GTZ etc.). Our policy of quality complies fully with integral ISO standards in the IT domain, the rules of the Open GIS Consortium and the European directive INSPIRE, in which one of our employees is the only editor from our region. The most important indicator of our quality are the thousands of projects for our users created using INOVA software with transparent economic benefits.

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