Aleksandar Mišković, General Manager, Precise Casting Plant – LPO (Livnica preciznih odlivaka)

We’re Expanding Our Capacities

Livnica preciznih odlivaka – LPO, Precise Casting Plant, has a tradition in the production of parts for the aviation industry dating back more than four decades. Thanks to the support of parent company Bet Shemesh Engines Ltd. from Israel, today the world’s leading manufacturers of engines and components for turbojet engines are supplied from the company’s production facilities in the Serbian town of Ada

LPO LogoTotal investments exceeded the amount of 12 million U.S. dollars and our company almost tripled its sales. The vision we all share in the group will make us a very important player in the international market, not only castings, but also machine processed parts, announces LPO General Manager Aleksandar Mišković

Precise Casting Plant – LPO is focused entirely on the international market and renowned manufacturers of engines and components for turbojet engines. How do you enter such circles? How are such markets conquered?

LPO has a multi-decade tradition of producing parts for the aviation industry, more precisely for turbojet engines, but return to the market you mention followed a break during the ’90s. 

Entering the club of suppliers of the world’s leading companies, such as MTU, PWA, PWC, Rolls-Royce, Collins Aerospace, is possible only with maximum efforts exerted on employee training, the careful selection of staff, constant learning, smart investment and long-term planning.

The only way to conquer a market is through constant quality, stable deliveries, open and honest communication with customers and respecting the strict requirements of the quality system. I would especially like to emphasise the work with employees, their selection and development, but also the need for top management to take a very strict stance that it is only possible to remain in our team if a staff member adopts all the rules of work and behaviour required by the company.

LPO has managed to secure its place in the aviation industry market, which is an exclusive club that’s very difficult to enter but extremely easy to be rejected from, and the only guarantee of survival are results that every customer will recognise and respect.

Our relationship with the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad shows what close and successful cooperation between a college and the economy looks like

Would the new plant and capacity expansion have come without the support of Israeli parent company Bet Shemesh Engines Ltd.?

LPO has of course succeeded thanks to the maximum support that we’ve received throughout all these years from our parent company Bet Shemesh Engines Ltd. from Israel. This certainly also relates to financial support, but support in conquering new products and processes is much more important. This has been particularly important in the last three or four years, after the group launched an ambitious investment cycle, with an emphasis on investing in LPO. The latest investment is confirmation of this claim, as our machining hall has been expanded by an additional 2,000m2. I would like to take this opportunity to thank, on behalf of our team, the management of the group, who really treat the company in Serbia with special care and respect.

Your work requires continuous investments in modern technologies and tools, but also in personnel. Are the certificates you possess, which open many doors worldwide, the result of those investments?

Certificates are essential if you want to get involved in the market battle, and they are indeed the result of investing in material things, but first and foremost they are the result of investing in personnel. LPO is currently working on a human resources strategy, but some ideas have already been implemented. We’ve already signed several contracts with young engineers, who are able to resolve their own housing issues through a contract with our company, and to do so without going to a bank, without down-payments, without interest and without a mortgage. The model is interesting and attractive to young people. Apart from that, every year we send our engineers and inspectors for training both in the country and abroad, which makes it clear to them that LPO is a company that cares about its employees, their development and training.

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