Zvonimir Marković, Director of Srbija Autoput

Our Highways Are Safe

Highway construction and maintenance company Srbijaautoput d.o.o. (Ltd.) Belgrade can boast of having both experience and expertise, which makes it an invaluable partner of the state and local governments, but also all citizens who want to quickly and safely reach their destinations

Zvonimir Marković, Director of Srbija Autoput

Our highly motivated, professional and well-trained workers, who have rich experience, are at your disposal 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to ensure that all highways are safe. Thoroughness, reliability and expertise are our main characteristics.

The palette of services you provide is far larger than we, as ordinary people, would think. What are all the things you do to ensure the smooth flow of traffic and the safety of all travellers on highways?

Zvonimir Marković, Director of Srbija Autoput– Highway construction and maintenance company Srbijaautoput d.o.o. (Ltd.) Belgrade offers a complete range of summer and winter services to ensure traffic is unhindered and safety is assured on more than 340 kilometres of highways.

Our five roadway bases for highway maintenance and six auxiliary points, which are activated for the needs of providing winter services, are at our disposal in the immediate vicinity of highways, in order for us to be able to respond quickly to daily requirements and tasks.

Works on repairing damaged road surfaces and other road elements, cleaning carriageways and other elements of the road, maintaining and arranging hard shoulders and intersections, cleaning and maintaining ditches, gutters, breakages and other parts of the road drainage system, repairs, replacements, additions and renewals of traffic signage and equipment and landscaping green areas associated with roadside land (mowing and planting grass, reclaiming undergrowth and cutting trees) are just some of the services performed within the scope of preserving the value and functional safety of highways, contributing to the safety of everyone participating in traffic flows.

Srbijaautoput was founded in 1982 as a public sector company, but it was only after its full privatisation, in April 2006, and subsequent significant investments that it was elevated to a cutting edge technological level in terms of its vehicle fleet, machinery and knowhow

In the period from 1st November to 31st March, Srbijaautoput has an organised winter service available 24 hours a day, which ensures the safe flow of traffic. Besides the removal of snow and ice from carriageways, winter services also include patching corroded impact holes and repairing carriageways.

In addition to all of this, we also offer highway and road construction and reconstruction services across the territory of Serbia.

Has privatisation proven to be the right move for your company? What did you gain from it?

– With privatisation, an attempt was made to bring significant investment to the company in order to advance its technological level in terms of its vehicle fleet, machinery, equipment for work and knowhow, and not only in the segment of highway maintenance. It should be noted that privatisation led to an increase in the number of employees in accordance with the growth of services provided both within the scope of the highway maintenance sector and beyond. As a company, Srbijaautoput d.o.o. Belgrade has adapted to the requirements of the market and – besides the public administration and public enterprises and institutions – is also at the disposal of operators in the free economy, as a competent partner.