Vesna Velisavljević, HR Manager & Quality Representative, Apave VerTech

We are Experts in Work at Height and Advanced NDT

Apave VerTech was founded in 2013 as part of the Apave Group, which operates in 110 countries worldwide and has more than 9,800 management experts. In Serbia, dozens of clients have been acquired in six successful years, amongst which are some of our largest companies

We are continuously creating experts in the field of NDT and working at height. Our staff are improving daily in the team environment, gaining qualifications and skills that can provide them with an opportunity to work abroad on oil platforms around the world, explains HR manager Vesna Velisavljević.

For over 150 years, Apave has been a leader in risk management with more than 200,000 clients. What scope of services do you offer?

– Apave Vertech employs personnel in the mechanical and technical professions, but also those who want to improve their skills in the fields in which we operate, in a team environment, with the opportunity to work abroad on oil platforms around the world. 

In just over six successful years, we have developed in several directions. The fields of work of the Inspection Body accredited by the Accreditation Body of Serbia are the inspection of equipment under pressure (conformity assessment and inspection over the lifespan of pressure equipment according to valid Serbian regulations), inspection of steel and aluminium structures, inspection of pre-insulated pipelines for district heating and their elements, and gas pipeline installations. It also includes non-destructive inspections of metallic materials, welded joints and drop-forged steel, castings and flat products. The Inspection Body also inspects welded joints on thermoplastic materials and performs passive-active qualitative thermographic inspection of mechanical and electrical equipment and thermal insulation on energy pipelines.

The certification body certifies non-destructive testing personnel, staff who make non-adjustable joints and joint assemblers

The Inspection Body also performs non-destructive tests through advanced methods, which significantly differentiates us on the market in this part of Europe: MFL – inspection of tank floors (corrosion mapping); ET – checking eddy current in welded joints; IRIS – ultrasonic inspection of heat exchanger tubes; RMS – automatic ultrasonic thickness measurement (corrosion mapping).

We also use PAUT – ultrasonic inspection by phased array technique; EMAT – electromagnetic measurement of thickness; LRUT – ultrasonic inspection of pipeline material beneath insulation; PEC – inspection of underlying material through insulation by the method of pulsating vortex currents; TOFD – time of flight diffraction. We use NFT – inspection of ribbed heat exchanger tubes by means of eddy current; RFT – control of heat exchanger tubes by the method of eddy current; DR and CR, digital radiography.

At the Training Centre, professional trainers provide training using modern equipment and materials modelled on international training centres in the field of non-destructive testing, welding, also work at height, assembling and dismantling auxiliary structures for working at height – for which we have solutions of the Ministry of Education.

You have brought Rope Access to our market. Where is it most commonly used?

– This technique, otherwise called “industrial alpinism”, has broad applications in industry. It is very suitable for inaccessible or less accessible places, working below or above ground level, in a confined space, or in places where it is not suitable to mount scaffolds or similar structures. Our staff – experts in the field of working at height, have internationally recognised certificates in accordance with the highest safety standards.