Rita I. Lozinsky, CEO & Managing Director, Alumil Yu Industry A.d.

Building Excellence Every Day

Alumil celebrates an anniversary this year - 30 years of business, development and successful present in 32 countries

Rita I. Lozinsky

For the Alumil Group, the year 2019 has a special importance as it marks 30 years of business, progress and success. The result is a leading position in the region and Europe and on world markets. This was Rita I. Lozinsky’s answer in an interview for CORD on the question about the importance of this year for her company. She underlines that “thanks to a whole array of excellent, world-renowned architects, the building industry in Serbia has a long tradition of applying the most modern means and styles of construction. This is also shown by the great success of the exhibition Concrete Utopia – Architecture in Yugoslavia 1948-1980, at the Museum of Modern Art in New York (MOMA).

Alumil Logo– The truth is that Serbia had an economically difficult period in the 1990s, in which there was not much room for large scale projects and construction. However, after the launch of new capital investments, the field for the application of modern technological achievements has now opened up even more. As a result, a large market area has opened up for ALUMIL’s advanced SUPREME series systems, which offer solutions for the most demanding requirements in the construction industry.

You explained once that the free trade agreements that Serbia has with certain countries and the SAA motivated Alumil to invest in Serbia. How does this calculation seem today, when CEFTA is in deep trouble, and the agreement with Russia has not sufficiently materialised?

– It is true that good free trade agreements are a great motivation for attracting both foreign and domestic investment, given the abolition of customs duties with the EU and the countries signatories to these agreements. Naturally, this is a great challenge for Alumil as the largest exporter of aluminium profiles. As for the CEFTA agreement, I think that its brutal and arbitrary violation by the Priština authorities fortunately did not affect business with the other signatory countries to which Alumil regularly exports its products. Regarding the bilateral agreement with the Russian Federation that is in force, and of course we use it, but the bureaucratic procedures of the Russian customs authorities greatly hinder and slow down normal operations.

Our highly sophisticated products, but above all the avant-garde vision and devoted work of management, engineers, administrators and production workers allow Alumil to BUILD EXCELLENCE EVERY DAY

As a member of the Board of Directors of the Hellenic Business Association, you have been collaborating with Belgrade University for years. What are the concrete effects of this cooperation, in view of the great outflow of young people from the country?

– By presenting the performance of its products and business, Alumil is trying to awaken young people, above all in the desire to acquire new knowledge. Our company mostly cooperates with the technical faculties at Belgrade University. Through this communication, Alumil is trying to familiarize future engineers with processes in production, offering them unique practice in our company so they will return to us after their studies.

As for the outflow of young people from the country, this negative trend is strongly felt in our business, but we hope that in a few years these young people will return to a developed country with newly acquired knowledge and experience that always bring positive changes. It is a great pride for our company in Serbia that we have on our staff people who have built their career in other countries, and who contribute to the development of the company through their experience.