Olga Djurić-Perić, Director, Asmec Consultants

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Our view on further contributions to new developments is largely dependent on the way the Government envisages the implementation of investments. With our experience, we could be seen as a designer in a traditional tender – the construction procedure, as well as in a design and build scenario,” says Olga Đurić-Perić, director at Asmec consultants

Asmec Consultants is a multidisciplinary engineering consulting company specialised in structural design, with mechanical, electrical, public health, telecommunications and fire prevention services.

Asmec Consultants Ltd. is this year commemorating the 10th anniversary of its operations in Serbia. What represents Asmec Consultants’ core business?

– As our core business, we include the supervision of all works, along with project management.

During these 1010 (binary) years, we gained significant experience in designing various types of developments, such as residential buildings, hotels, offices, sports facilities, factories, warehouses and bridges with spans of less than 50 metres, all from concept, preliminary, and detailed design, as well as site supervision and project management.

We can state with confidence that our business stretches geographically in Serbia, Europe and some parts of Africa and Asia.

Asmec insists on adherence to high international standards and efficiency in consulting and project management for large projects. How would you assess current market trends in the Serbian construction industry?

– Asmec is a family business, but its owners strive to deliver work that is on time, of high quality and coordinated with all parts of the design. These ethics have been passed onto our employees, who are young engineers educated in Serbia.

We believe that our contribution to the current Serbian market in the construction industry stems from a broader sense. We invest in our graduate engineers by encouraging them to be confident in design and supervision, to develop their engineering communication and coordination skills and to find a common language with contractors to assist in construction using their “forte”.

In order to achieve efficiency and high quality, we implement the most recent trends in our field of expertise, such as 3D for BIM modelling. We believe that 3D design should soon be a major trend, or compulsory practise, in the construction industry

To achieve efficiency and high quality, we implement the most recent trends in our field of expertise, such as 3D for BIM modelling. We believe that 3D design should soon be a major trend, or compulsory practise, in the construction industry.

According to the Serbian Government, preparations are underway for the implementation of major construction investments. Where do you see room for your company to contribute to these projects?

– That’s right. The Government is announcing a significant number of major projects. We suspect they are in infrastructure, industry, renewable energy and mining, and some of them are already under implementation.

At present, we are a member of a large international company for Technical Assistance to the Project Implementation Team of PE Roads of Serbia for Road Rehabilitation and Safety Projects, responsible for bridges. This is a major project which covers approximately 1,000km of road.

We are also contributing to the rehabilitation of bridges on regional roads, assessing the damage and designing remedial works, and we hope to continue these activities.

We are confident that we can contribute to designing and supervising industrial developments, as we were involved in Fiat’s project in Serbia and several large industrial projects abroad.

Furthermore, we believe that for developments like energy from waste, Serbia does not have extensive experience in design and our collaboration with international companies could be an asset here. I want to point out that we have long standing relationships with a wide range of satisfied global clients.


Olga Đurić Perić, Director of Asmec Consultants d.o.o.

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