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Novi Dorćol Residential- Commercial Complex

Construction of the Novi Dorćol residentialcommercial complex, at 29 Venizelosova Street, is expected to commence by the end of 2019

Novi Dorćol 2019

This two-hectare plot will house a complex encompassing approximately 100,000m2, with the work divided into two phases. The complex will contain a residentialcommercial building consisting of several levels – G + 6 + Penthouse up to G + 11 + Penthouse – with two levels of garages. The complex will also contain other amenities, such as a swimming pool and spa centre, restaurants, children’s nursery, playrooms and many other services and retail outlets.

The Novi Dorćol location has a deep historical heritage. Established as a centre of the textile industry with the opening of “The First Royal Privileged Company for the processing of hemp and cotton – Alexa Obradović”, the David Pajić Daka lift company was built on the site after World War II, named after one of the most prominent national heroes, a bust of whom will be on display in front of the newly constructed Novi Dorćol complex. In an effort to retain the spirit of old Dorćol, by preserving the historic Platnara building from the late 19th century and integrating elements of production halls into the new complex, the project will preserve the memory of the industrial architecture of the 19th century. Combined with a modern design, and modelled on metropolitan hubs like those of New York and London, Novi Dorćol represents a brand new and unique concept for a residential-commercial complex in the centre of Belgrade.

The Novi Dorćol project is currently awaiting the approval of a construction permit, while the investor is Belgrade-based company Deka Inženjering, which also constructed A Blok – one of the most successful residential-commercial projects in New Belgrade.