Nihat Biševac, Mayor of Novi Pazar

Digitalization of Heritage, Opportunity for Tourism

Thanks to the Virtual Museum project, three-dimensional models of individual items and some archaeological sites will be presented on the Ras Museum’s website

Nihat Biševac, Mayor of Novi Pazar

Novi Pazar is steadily progressing with the implementation of digitalisation in all fields. Mayor Nihat Biševac announces new activities.

For Novi Pazar, which has been proclaimed an extraordinary European destination and boasts the beauty of diversity and interweaved cultures, the project of digitalising cultural heritage is of great importance. How is this task progressing in the Ras Museum, to enable cultural goods to be preserved for future generations, but also to be an asset for developing cultural tourism?

– It could be said that Novi Pazar itself is a small open-air museum. By digitising the Museum’s collection, it becomes available to every part of the world, which is in line with one of the main tasks of the museum – education and dissemination of knowledge. In 2018, thanks to the funds of the Ministry of Culture and City of Novi Pazar, the project “Virtual Museum” has started. The plan is to present on the Museum web site three-dimensional models of individual items and some of the archaeological sites or parts of them. In addition, the Museum is working on the digitisation of books, the oldest manuscripts, and the magazines Novopazarski zbornik and Sopoćanska viđenja.

The city administration itself is very active in making practical use of digitalization. Among the first in Serbia, you have introduced an electronic assembly, and now you plan to further improve the system. What is this about?

– Last year, the City of Novi Pazar implemented two major projects in the field of ICT related to good governance principles and transparency. The first is the implementation of an electronic clerk’s office, which follows all the legal provisions of the Law on General Administrative Procedure in the field of electronic communications. For this project, the City was awarded first prize in the area of “Efficiency and Effectiveness” under the project Improving Good Governance at the Local Level.

Novi Pazar is one of five Serbian local governments in which e-Parliament software financed by UNDP will be put to use

The second project is the introduction of an electronic assembly. The Electronic Assembly is operational, resulting in faster and more efficient work. Novi Pazar is one of five Serbian local governments in which e-Parliament software financed by UNDP will be put to use.

What advantages can digital transformation bring to the textile industry, which is the driver of economic development in the Novi Pazar region? In your opinion, how much are business people interested in investing in new technologies? Does the local administration help them, and how?

– They are interested in investing in new technologies, in the procurement of new printing, sewing and tailoring machines, wastewater treatment plants … The equipment required is mostly newer generation, automated and requires specialized software, and therefore improves business.

Providing support to the textile industry in cooperation with domestic and foreign donors, ministries, embassies or other national and regional institutions is a must. So far, in line with the needs of the textile industry, they have been working on solving wastewater problems, communal infrastructure, harmonising curricula in vocational schools with the needs of the labour market, and purchase of full equipment and specialised software for practical teaching in the Secondary School of Textile and Clothing Design.