Nebojša Nenadović, President of the Municipality of Bojnik

Our Agribusiness Zone Is Our Advantage

We have equipped an agribusiness zone where, we believe, the first investors will soon arrive, and we have serious plans for the development of tourism in the Radan area. I believe in a better future for the municipality, which is why I tell my fellow citizens “stay here”, says Bojnik municipal president Nebojša Nenadović.

Will the opening of the factory of Greek company Autos Top help to “lure” other investors that the municipality offers free land with complete infrastructure?

– The plant of Greek company AutosTop was opened on the premises of the former “21. May“ factory and in its current 55 workers produce artificial leather and upholstery for Toyota and Renault, as well as tarpaulin trailers for the Danish market. It is expected to open a new facility in August, while it plans to hire up to 200 workers in the next year or two.

The Municipality will provide every kind of assistance to the investor, given that no factory has been opened in the village for many years.

We hope that, with the opening of this factory, we will encourage other investors to open their plants in our municipality, where they will always have the support of the local leadership.

We will encourage other investors to open their plants in our municipality, where they will always have the support of the local leadership

You received a million euros for infrastructure development of the agribusiness zone in the nearby village of Kosančić via the EU PRO funding drive. How much could this contribute to increasing employee numbers?

– We offered the best project within the EU PRO funding contest and received an incredible million euros to pay for infrastructure for an agri-business zone covering an area of 53 hectares. I am very pleased because now we have something to offer potential investors. We’ve had interested businesspeople who were seeking just such a zone, but we didn’t have anything to show them regarding what we have to offer, but that has now changed.

Apart from the cultivation of agricultural crops in the agribusiness zone, it is possible to build capacities to accommodate agricultural products, as well as industrial plants for the processing of primary agricultural products. The construction of these facilities would definitely increase the number of citizens employed in our municipality.

The development potential of the municipality of Bojnik primarily lies in the empowerment of agriculture and tourism, and you have detailed regulatory plans prepared for Lake Brestovac and the Radan tourist complex. How can you advance from plans to realisation?

– It is necessary to attract investors who would invest in the realisation of these plans by building accommodation capacities in these areas. The rich flora and fauna, as well as medicinal plants, of the Radan Mountain area, represent a good prerequisite for the development of recreational and hunting tourism. Increasing the number of tourists would also increase the need for agricultural products originating in this area.


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