Mirko Butulija, President Of The Auto-Moto Association Of Serbia

Reliability And Tradition

This year AMS Osiguranje, Insurance company has maintained its high market position demonstrating once again that it belongs among Serbia’s leading insurance companies. AMSS has at the same time proved itself a reliable partner of drivers, especially those with disabilities

Mirko Butulija

AMS Osiguranje, an Insurance company has had another successful year. We talked to Mirko Butulija, President of the Auto-moto Association of Serbia (AMSS), about its future business plans and activities.

What are your expectations for 2017?

The biggest asset of AMS Osiguranje, an Insurance company is its extensive sales network, which will help increase the number of insurance policies sold next year.

We are committed to developing various types of property insurance and have now been successfully realising them for two years. We have designed insurance plans with affordable premiums and introduced online shopping for home insurance on our website. We want to continue investing in quality services and products and expand our sales network while following European business trends.

The Centre for Motor Vehicles founded by AMSS has carried out a number of projects to increase road traffic safety. Can you tell us more about it?

The AMSS CMV is a unique laboratory that provides motor vehicle testing and attestation services. We have also established the AMSS CMV Center for Driving Assessment and Training the only one of its kind in the Balkans. The Centre is intended for all drivers but it will be particularly useful for those with disabilities, as it will provide assistance with proper vehicle adaptation. This will improve the inclusion of people with disabilities in road traffic and improve general road safety in Serbia.

Hopefully, our government will understand the severity of the problem and take the necessary action to curb fraudulent activities on our main roads and to protect drivers

A story about bogus towing services on our roads has recently caused quite a stir. What can you tell us about it?

The AMSS is a member of the International Automobile Federation (FIA) and it is the only internationally recognised motoring organisation that provides roadside assistance in Serbia. We offer various services to our members, including free towing and vehicle repair at the roadside. Throughout the year we provide free road traffic information to the millions of citizens who dial our phone number 1987 or tune into our TV or radio road traffic news.

However, some individuals have recently been making false representations introducing themselves as our partners and misleading both our members and our partner associations’ members from abroad who were driving through our country. We have warned about this problem repeatedly. In cooperation with the German club ADAC, we have taken comprehensive action to remove bogus towing services from the Serbian roads. Hopefully, our government will understand the severity of the problem and take the necessary measures to curb fraudulent activities on our main roads and to protect drivers.

AMSS has an excellent international reputation. How does this help the development of motorsport in Serbia?

The AMSS has indeed a great reputation with international organisations such as the International Automobile Federation (FIA), the International Motorcycling Federation (FIM) ‒ whose member we have been since its establishment, ARC Europe – a market leader, standard setter and service provider, and the European Road Assessment Programme (EuroRAP). We share the vision of progress with our international partners and direct our resources towards meeting international standards.