Marko Krizmanić, Owner Projekt Ekspert Adria

Networking Is Key

Apart from the fact that we help in the designing and opening of units, we later take care of the daily maintenance of those facilities

Opening and maintaining public spaces, primarily commercial units, is easier and simpler with the support, expertise and assistance of company Project Ekspert ADRIA, under the “turnkey” system, and that experience is often also used in the construction of residential and private facilities.

Your company provides services that are just emerging in our market. Who are your most frequent clients, and what do your service packages include?

– Our clients are mainly large retail chains, owners of retail outlets or brands like Mango, Navigare, Simit Sarayi, SMJ, Accessorize, Head, etc., who carry out all operations locally.

We have clients who have been operating on our market for a long time and are just upgrading their operations. The most interesting clients for us are those who are just launching operations and who utilise our highly respected experience and networking in order to overcome all the problems that arise for every start-up project.

They recognised the importance of regularly maintaining facilities and the positive impact that has on their customers, as well as generating savings because for their investment projects they engage a local company that takes over all the work of employees who they would otherwise have to employ within their organisation.

Clients turn to us at the beginning of their business, when they open their retail outlets in agreement with us. We help them in designing units, completing technical documentation, communicating with the authorities to obtain all the necessary permits and equip those units, while later we help them with the everyday maintenance of those units.

It is not easy to gain clients. What is the crucial factor and on which standards do you base your operations?

– The crucial determining factor is that we complete all of our duties in a timely manner. For clients, trust is essential… for their investments, expectations and the signed agreement. We try to secure premium materials and services for everyone. We monitor new trends and changes in legislation, regularly informing our clients in that regard, allowing them to improve their operations thereby.

Many of our clients, due to a job well done, take us with them to follow them, technically and in investment terms, to various countries in the region, which enables us to expand our network of collaborators

We gain their trust because we go out of our way maximally to meet their needs; we are not a hindrance to their ideas – some prefer a quick result, others want precision in processing the elements of interiors, while a third is turned towards “economic parameters”.

Many of our clients, due to a job well done, take us with them to follow them, technically and in investment terms, to various countries in the region, which gives us the opportunity to expand our network of collaborators and create our own expert networking, which is perhaps what we are most recognisable for. Our experience working in Serbia, Croatia, FYR Macedonia, Slovakia … and currently in Greece, makes us really specific.

You have experience in designing, opening and maintaining public facilities. How many similarities are there between that and providing services to private individuals according to the “turnkey” system?

– Large retail brands only work according to the “turnkey” principle, because that has a direct impact on their costs and makes them predictable.

When you work on the opening and maintaining of public spaces, apart from having to take care of the fulfilment of all legally defined regulations, you have to be concerned about that space being comfortable and functional for a large number of users.

When you work with individuals, the requirements are different because each of us has a different vision of how we want the premises to look and how specific jobs should be done.

Our operations in part also include residential facilities and private projects, where the job only seems similar when it is in fact completely different, because these are “private” users with a very clear and refined taste for their space.

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