Ferry Agent - Experts in Road Haulage to & From The UK

Small Team, Big Jobs

Ferry Agent is a logistics company that specialises in road freight transport to and from the United Kingdom. It has been a success from the start

After years of work on the challenging British freight market, Ferry Agent is now among the leaders, maintaining international standards and procedures and broadening its product range and portfolio of distinguished clients.

We pick up your goods from anywhere in the UK at 24 hours’ notice. The procedure couldn’t be simpler: just call Ferry Agent and place an order. Ferry Agent also offers warehousing for all types of goods, with customs clearance. The cargo is cleared by a registered customs agent within 24 hours of its arrival in Belgrade.

These are the benefits of doing business with Ferry Agent:

EXPERIENCE: Ferry Agent has been providing logistics services for over 10 years, organising international transport on the UK market.
TEAM: A small, efficient team that operates like a family business. Our annual turnover is € 7,000,000 and counting what all prove our hard work and commitment.
RESPONSIBILITY: Responsibility towards the client is the company’s guiding light, and a long-established mission.
INSURANCE: We are one of the few companies to provide All-Risk coverage in addition to the mandatory CMR insurance for the cargo we carry, for your additional security.

The procedure couldn’t be simpler: just call Ferry Agent and place an order

DESTINATIONS: We provide the most rapid transport of goods from Serbia and other Balkan countries to the UK and vice versa.
STANDARDS: Ferry Agent is a member of the British-Serbian Chamber of Commerce, and the Serbian Chamber of Commerce who have awarded us the Excellent Small & Medium Enterprise Certificate. We make donations to a wide range of institutions and support many humanitarian actions as part of our Corporate Social responsibility Programme.
LOGISTICS: Our main warehouse is in East London where we rapidly consolidate orders and group cargos from all over the UK to distribute them to their destinations in the Balkans. Thanks to our excellent transit times your goods will arrive where you need them, quickly and at an affordable price. We specialise in express deliveries – your goods can reach their destination within 48-72 hours.

Thanks to our commitment and professionalism we transport over 50 % of all goods from the UK. Our top-quality services and responsibility make us a serious player in the trade between Serbia and Great Britain.

Our distinguished clients include: Carlsberg, AIR Serbia, Alltech, Agena Tehnology, The English Book, Hafele, Roma Company and many other renowned companies that do business in the UK.

Olge Alkalaj 10, 11050 Belgrade
Tel: +381 11 2880-193/+381 11 3476-833
Email: office@ferryagent.rs