Dragan Filipović, CEO And Chairman Of The Board At Generali Osiguranje Srbija

Damage Assessment By Drone

Thanks to the constant introducing of innovations into its operations and the monitoring of trends, Generali Osiguranje enables its clients to purchase travel insurance and policies for households via mobile phone. In this, the company is unique in Serbia

Dragan Filipović CEO Chairman of Board Generali Osiguranje Srbija

At the end of a year that was a difficult one for business, Generali Osiguranje Srbija is recording excellent results and also expects to set new records. They believe that regulatory changes, the development of the economy and the growth of living standards will raise this branch of the economy to a higher level, the greatest benefits of which will be felt by their growing number of clients.

How would you assess Generali’s operations in 2017?

– Last year, 2016, was a record year for our company, and for this year we had even bigger and more ambitious plans. If we succeed in realising them, we will have set a new record on the Serbian market, in terms of profitability and services, but also in terms of the speed of settling damages.

Total premiums of all types of insurance in Serbia this year stands at around 800,000,000 euros, while in Slovenia it is 2,100,000,000 euros, which means there is a direct correlation between insurance, economic development and living standards in a country. That’s why we’re doing the groundwork for the time to come.

In future, we need to turn towards private individuals as much as possible, primarily due to the overall result, and it is important that our risks are resolved, with us having hundreds of thousands of new clients instead of just five major companies.

We are well rated within the Generali Group and are continuing along the path we have set… We have the most innovative products on the market, are the fastest at settling damage claims for clients and we generate profitability for our shareholders.

Generali Group requires that we operate as a truly European company in terms of standards, regardless of which market we are working on, and we adapt to that successfully

How does Generali interpret the digitisation process in its operations?

– I’m very proud of what we’ve done to date because we operate in accordance with the trends of the Generali Group at the global level. We are the first company in Serbia to enable clients to buy two types of insurance via their mobile phones, travel insurance and household insurance policies.

Until last year, our clients who only remembered at the Greek border that they didn’t have travel insurance were directed to the nearest town with a branch office. This meant losing time, which prompted most clients to opt not to buy the policy. That same client can today call any of our agents and, with five or six clicks on their mobile phone, buy and pay for the insurance and continue their journey.

We have also enabled people to very quickly choose the type of insurance they want, buy it, pay for it and ensure their household without our agent had to go out into the field.

Generali Group requires that we operate as a truly European company in terms of standards, regardless of which market we are working on, and we adapt to that successfully. We increasingly use drones to assess damage to crops. This provides us with a safe and reliable video account and an indisputable claim for damage settlement, unlike situations where an army of people tasked with evaluating damage spend many hours inspecting some crop fields. We’ve also introduced the digital signature to damage settlement claims, thanks to which a large number of our employees are now able to do other things that benefit clients.

What are your expectations and forecasts for the year ahead?

– I am an optimist by nature and expect changes in everything we recently discussed during the Days of Serbian Insurance in Aranđelovac, and which relate to regulations; I expect that all the initiatives we are working on will bear fruit and that awareness of the importance of insurance will continue to grow among citizens. I also expect the development of our country’s economy and the growth of living standards to raise our branch of the economy to a higher level.