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Beautiful Smile – More than Health

Modern people are starting to care more and more about their dental health and this is something that the population in our region is also becoming aware of increasingly. We – at the Centre for Dental Aesthetics and Implantology (CDEI) – help them to find what fits them best, and give them a beautiful smile that opens the door to the professional world and advancement

Igor Ristic Dental Aesthetics and Implantology (CDEI)

Dentistry has changed more in the last ten to fifteen years than in the previous hundred in many aspects.

Back in the day, the main reason for visiting the dentist was an acute dental problem and pain, or, to a lesser degree, searching for suitable prosthetic solutions to compensate for missing teeth.

Now, more than ever, patients visit dentists to have an aesthetic or functional problem resolved, or to prevent potential problems (such as the irregular position of teeth or irregular development of the jaw), as well as various other orthodontic problems.

Nowadays braces are no longer used to correct dental problems only in children and teens: over 50 per cent of patients coming for orthodontic treatment are actually adults. And this is the best possible investment in their future oral health!

Furthermore, technologies and materials that are available today were unheard of a decade or two ago. We are now able to adhere to the principle of minimal invasiveness and, with insignificant or non-existent damage to natural teeth, completely change one’s smile visually. Our work has become more precise; we use magnifying glasses and microscopes and, in a visual sense, the materials resemble natural tissue more.

In the field of implantology, and with the help of a 3D x-ray, we can now plan implantations to the minutest detail. With this in mind, the expectations of our patients have grown much bigger in the last decade, particularly as a result of the media accentuating the perfectly healthy body, including the perfect smile. No longer are patients happy with just an implant being integrated into the bone.

Today, the prosthetic part of the implant has to look like a natural tooth, and anything else is considered a failure. With the help of intraoral scanners, we, at the CDEI, can make a crown in less than 60 minutes.

Our committed and professional team is passionate about reaching the highest goals in dentistry and to the satisfaction of our patients

Alongside all of this, there is a psychological phenomenon whereby modern people care a lot about their dental health for several reasons. Your smile is something that people notice first. This is something that is becoming increasingly aware to people in our region. With just a small change made to the shape of the tooth, we can completely alter the personal dynamic of an individual. We are here to help them find what fits them best or to help them regain the smile they used to have.

All of this also implies that a beautiful smile can open the door to the professional world and advancement. Our extensive experience and our everyday work can be seen in a short video clip which you can find on the official website of the Centre for Dental Aesthetics and Implantology – www.drristic. com. In addition to presenting our activities, we think this clip also brings modern dentistry closer to the wider public, eliminating ingrained prejudices, presenting a life philosophy and an amalgamation of science and art.

Our patient in the video clip is a famous Serbian artist who saw this passion in us and recognised that we share a common trait – creativity. She went through all stages of the treatment and allowed us to record them in chronological order.

The clip starts with the initial diagnosis, our consilium devising a treatment plan, before progressing to the utilisation of photographs and the Digital Smile Design (DSD), consultation and presentation to the patient, visual estimation of the model of the future dental reconstruction and its clinical implementation in the end. The clip also shows how we did the final implants and ends with the photographs of our end result.

Our intention was to show that we have a committed and professional team that is passionate about reaching the highest goals of dentistry and that you can find such a team in Belgrade, hence the video contains images of our city. We are also very grateful for the recommendations of our colleagues abroad, who viewed the clip and were inspired to undertake similar projects and realise the vision of the modern dental practice. The most important thing for us is our patients realising that we can do a lot for them and that we have encouraged them to contact the dentist in the first place. This fulfils our mission and makes us happier and more motivated.