Carlos De Cordoue, Chairman of the Executive Board, Credit Agricole Srbija

We Work Every Day for Our Customers and Society

Crédit Agricole Srbija is part of a powerful global financial institution, the 10th largest bank in the world. Such a strong background allows it to implement the Crédit Agricole banking model in Serbia too, and offer clients a full banking service at the highest level

Carlos De Cordoue Crédit Agricole

It can provide its clients with continuous support for their everyday needs and for their projects in life, especially by helping them guard against uncertainties and plan for the long term. This is why for Crédit Agricole worldwide, and in Serbia too, the main goal is to be a trusted partner to all its customers.

Crédit Agricole operates in more than 50 countries and is among the world’s strongest banks. How is your position in Serbia?

– Crédit Agricole Srbija is dedicated to continuing the business model that has proven to be successful on a long-term basis. As in previous years, we shall engage all our capacities to continue with dynamic organic growth in the local market. This approach has already brought us good results since Crédit Agricole Srbija has achieved a growth in its loan portfolio almost twice as high as market growth in the previous year.

On the other hand, working in compliance with CA Group policy, we have over the years kept our NPL significantly below the market average. All this proves that Crédit Agricole in Serbia has shown a strong performance and is a stable and reliable partner for its clients and the local economy.

Crédit Agricole in France is focused on supporting agriculture and agribusiness. Do you have a vision of how you can help Serbia exploit its great agricultural potential?

– Crédit Agricole’s expertise in agriculture and agri-business is surely something that can be beneficial for Serbian agriculture. As a bank, we are primarily oriented towards offering farmers in Serbia a competitive financial service for their business sector. But I believe that even more important is the specific relationship model we have developed.

At Crédit Agricole, we believe that our competitive advantage is the diversity of expertise we can offer

Not only is Crédit Agricole Srbija one of the major banks in agro-financing with a market share of more than 20%, but we are also active in bringing the new trends from France and Europe into Serbia. Our bank traditionally participates in the International Agro Fair in Novi Sad where we organise educational conferences with competent experts from various fields related to agriculture who share their knowledge and experience. In acting like this, Crédit Agricole Srbija is trying to be not only a financial partner of Serbian agriculture but also a reliable source of expertise and new trends.

What are the next steps for Crédit Agricole in Serbia and globally?

– Just a month ago, Crédit Agricole announced its new Medium-term Plan, which, like the previous one, keeps the focus on our clients.

Our Group Project and the Ambitions it sets for 2022 are intended to guide our commitments and actions over the years to come. They draw on our raison d’être: “Working every day in the interests of our customers and society”.

To apply this motto, we are amplifying our relationship model with three flagship projects. Our Customer Project is focused on excellence in customer relations, it advises customers with transparency, loyalty and pedagogy. This project goes hand in hand with our Human-Centric Project, which is based on empowering our teams and giving them greater autonomy to offer better service to customers. Our CSR Project aims to pursue our commitment to inclusive development and to make green finance one of the key drivers of our growth.