BAD Sistems

Encourage People to Stay Ahead of the Game

Bad Sistems

BAD SISTEMS is an emerging, innovative company based in Niš, southern Serbia. We concentrate on the digital transformation of internal processes and procedures of our customers.

We strive to improve their digital customer experience and inspire them to think outside the box. The ultimate goal is to render their daily business operations as convenient as possible.

Based on our proven experience of quickly understanding needs and identifying significant gaps in business operations, which will subsequently be addressed and improved will lead to a positive and sustainable business outcome.

Digitisation is a vital challenge today. Thus, it is very important to master the relevant processes for all parties involved. For this reason, BAD SISTEMS has developed various software solutions that are used by our customers.

To cite just two examples: KANBANSI assists companies to manage teams and their activities and more items, while REMASI is a solution for efficient and intuitive resource and project planning.

Agile methodologies represent the backbone of the teamwork culture and are an essential step demonstrating good results. The golden rule is and has always been to listen to the customers – they provide the best possible feedback.

The Agile Method is characterized by a strong commitment between the team and the customer.

The customers are constantly involved throughout the entire project, which provides a great opportunity for our team to fully understand the customer’s vision.