Alexandre Petrovic, Managing Director, Cleverfarm

Clever Farming for Smart Farmer

CleverFarm: An application to change the life of farmers from the ground up

Alexandre Petrovic, Managing Director, Cleverfarm

CleverFarm platform records all farm activities, giving farmers a perfect overview of what’s happening on their farm in real time. It is easy to use and completely intuitive. The aim of this platform is to provide all farmers, even a small farmer with few hectares, with latest technologies like crop sensors and vegetation analysis for precision farming.

Your company offers an application that’s quite unique on the Serbian market. What kind of data can farmers obtain, and what business benefits can that data bring?

– CleverFarm’s engineers come from farming families. From this unique starting point, we have developed a realistic and efficient approach: to provide the best possible solution for all, from the small farmer to the big corporation, to ease the workload and to increase profit by reducing costs and increasing production. Simpler to say than to do, but we have developed a solid methodological approach based on clear phases.

The first is monitoring all agricultural activities with precise quantities of material and substances used for production. We insist on precisely defined agricultural surfaces to consistently address precision farming and automation of data collection. We ensure compliance with EU directives and EU agricultural surface definition standards, to enable full eligibility for EU support. Monitoring weather, vegetation, soil and storage conditions, with integration of GPS for machinery is the second phase. At this point, with a full range of new information, farmers change their working methods and optimize their resources. The first signs of cost reduction are visible in this phase.

Vegetation analysis and precision farming come in parallel as soon as the farmer is ready. At this point, farmers are beginning to increase production and reduce costs. For corporations or insurance companies, we also have advanced solutions based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning that support specific activities like trading, competitive intelligence or impact assessment.

In Serbia, we are now installing the CleverFarm solution at Agri Business Partner farms in Vojvodina. The first step was a very precise definition of their 5,000 ha of agricultural surfaces with imagery from Airbus satellites

You’ve gone out of your way to give farmers affordable advanced technology. Can you provide more details?

– The CleverFarm platform is web-based so the farmer just needs a basic computer with internet access.

We decided to produce our own Land Parcel Identification (LPI) layer and we deployed our own LoRa IoT network. This means that we have digitized all agricultural parcels in Vojvodina according to EU LPIS standards and we are able to put our IoT sensors anywhere in Vojvodina.

We produced LPI layer for the French ministry of Agriculture and we have strong cooperation with IGN France International (the French National Geographic Institute) on this topic.

Implementation of full LPI Systems or management of State lands for the benefit of governments and regions are full part of our capacity.

How is your experience of doing business in the Czech Republic? In Serbia?

– The Czech Republic is a very good example of how CleverFarm can serve very different profiles of farmers. Classic farmers, from small to large farms, use the system to monitor their agricultural activities with emphasis on sensors and precision farming. Our biggest client, AgroFert, has more demanding requests in line with their company profile.

In Serbia, we are now installing the CleverFarm solution at Agri Business Partner farms in Vojvodina. The first step was a very precise definition of their 5,000 ha of agricultural surfaces with imagery from Airbus satellites. Now we are integrating all the activities, sensor monitoring, tracking data for machinery (GPS). In parallel we will provide vegetation analysis based on a mixture of Airbus technology and CleverFarm’s own solutions.

Most importantly, for this kind of client we always dedicate a specific team to follow the set-up of the client’s platform and the implementation of each phase.

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