Aleksandar Vratonjić Gligorijević, Director of Telegroup Innovation, Telegroup Ltd.

On the Wave of the Digital Revolution

Since its founding in 1992, TeleGroup has grown into a system that encompasses a number of subsidiary technology companies specialising in the development and implementation of IT solutions for business and the construction of IT, telecommunications and electrical power infrastructure.

Why did you decide to establish your Innovation Centre under the auspices of the TeleGroup system, and how will it function?

Aleksandar Vratonjić Gligorijević, Director of Telegroup Innovation, Telegroup Ltd.– The formation of the TeleGroup Innovation Centre is a product of the TeleGroup team’s activities in the domain of digital transformation services on the Serbian market. Considering that great changes seek a new perspective on that which is essential, so TeleGroup decided to catch the wave of the digital revolution to work intensively, with me and my team, on expanding its portfolio of services, with a focus on innovation.

We gradually crystallised our route to investment and formed the TeleGroup Innovation team, which today deals with innovations in the Belgrade co-working space of the ICT Hub, relocated from the company’s headquarters. The team’s work is based on two pillars of activity.

The first is directed towards our business users, who are aware that they can’t traverse the path to digital transformation by themselves. They recognised in us the value, expertise, energy and capacity to work together with their internal teams on the development of new business models.

The second pillar is to improve our internal company processes based on the creation of values that we, as individuals, generate within the scope of the TeleGroup system, which numbers ten subsidiary companies in different branches of industry.

It is easy to spot the gap between the essential need of businesses to adapt to the conditions of the digital economy and the readiness to enter the “round” of digital transformation

Why is understanding business processes a key element in the process of digitally transforming operations?

– Our job is to work with customers to find ways in which a company can innovate, change its business model and introduce new products or services, all with the aim of realising strategic goals like increasing customer satisfaction, reducing costs, increasing efficiency etc. Technology is merely a tool in these processes – in no way is it the intention in and of itself. That’s why our work only makes sense if it involves people from all essential levels of an organisation and starts from the top, i.e. from senior management.

What are your further plans for the development of the Innovation Centre and what will you be working on during the period ahead?

– Given that the notion of digital transformations only recently became present on our market, it is easy to spot the gap between the essential need of businesses to adapt to the conditions of the digital economy and the readiness to enter the “round” of digital transformation, which carries with it an unprecedented amount of experimentation and non-deterministic work on operations.

Considering that such an approach to work brings with it plenty of risks, the doors to processes that essentially transform businesses inline with the digital economy are often still locked. On the other hand, via the TeleGroup Academy for Digital Transformation, which we established as a free programme for students and which has already been traversed by individual representatives of our customers, we see potential in the process of transforming domestic companies into digitally-aware businesses.

These young people represent exactly the kind of personnel we see as being part of our team tomorrow, but also as individuals who will provide a contribution to empowering the generations that will bring fundamental changes to domestic companies in the post-digital era.


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