Aleksandar Spremić, Director, Halcom

We Have a Strong and Clear Focus

Halcom is a pioneering company in the development of modern solutions for payment systems, and thanks to its rich experience and innovation, its solutions are used by more than 70 banks, as well as three central banks and clearing houses on eight markets across three continents

Halcom is recognised on every market where it operates as a preferred partner, and we’re really proud of that. We are extremely committed to the quality and stability of solutions, which means a lot to clients, because the processes we cover are crucial to their operations, explains Halcom Director Aleksandar Spremić.

Is the nurturing of relations with clients the secret of your success?

– Our main goal is a strong local appearance and a good business relationship with clients, and I would say that we have had great experience over the past 15 years on local markets, both with banks and with end users. Halcom’s palette of business solutions is today much wider than it was several years ago, when it was focused solely and exclusively on electronic banking for large companies. Our focus has expanded to encompass web and mobile solutions for digital banking for small businesses and entrepreneurs, solutions for the secure delivery of E-invoices and other documents, qualified certificates on cards and cloud, and solutions for central banks – clearing and central registers.

Your Hal E-Bank represented the first ebanking solution in Slovenia, while it was simultaneously also one of the first in the world to operate on the basis of smart cards. Things have changed a lot since then, but Halcom remains a leader… How do you succeed in that?

– This question sounds really nice, but maybe at the same time it’s just an answer. Being the first in anything means plenty. Being the first and then remaining among the best after 15 years is an achievement worth mentioning.

What Halcom has done in Slovenia, Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina is really significant. The security of operations using smart cards – qualified electronic certificates – has impacted greatly on rapid growth in the number of users and banks. And why that is is very simple – because this way of using has enabled the solving of the main problem – trust. Qualified electronic certificates enable us to maximise the security of operations at a distance, both in digital banking and in any other relationship between a bank, a client and Halcom.

Halcom offered the first cloud-based solution when no one even knew what that meant, but banks and clients accepted it immediately

As of 10th June this year, Halcom has begun issuing qualified certificates for electronic signatures that are in line with the Law on Electronic Documents, Electronic Identification and Trusted Services in Electronic Commerce. How important is this step, both for our country and for companies?

– Yes, since 10th June Halcom has started issuing certificates in accordance with the new Law, and there are two important junctures here. The first is that our laws are being aligned drastically quicker with EU laws, and the other is that certification bodies must satisfy the strictest requirements and pass checks and accreditations by the state.

This really wasn’t a problem for Halcom, because we already have experience and compliance with EU laws in Slovenia, and the same standards had to be fulfilled in Serbia. It is very significant that the new Law brings much more than the aforementioned. It defines qualified trust services that will bring a significant leap in efficiency and productivity to Serbia and all companies – we’ve gained a basis on which to work at a distance, whether that relates to the submitting of documents, contracting without signatures and stamps on paper, validation checks of certificates etc.