Aco Tomašević, General Manager of Neoplanta

High Ambitions Supported By Quality Products

Neoplanta is a company where all employees are dedicated to making it one of the region’s leaders in food production. They are convinced that they can achieve this through innovative high-quality products, continuous development and a responsible approach to consumers, partners, colleagues and the community in which they work. An additional advantage of theirs lies in an enduring tradition and experience in creating brands that are recognisable favourites on the market.

High-quality products that adhere to Halal, HACCP, ISO 9001 and IFS standards rank you at the very top of the meat processing industry. Has this secured the possibility of you penetrating other markets, and where do you see the greatest potential?

Neoplanta is the leader in the production of processed meat products in Serbia. The quality of our products is well known in Serbia, but also in the countries on practically four continents to which we export – in Europe, Asia, North America and Australia. The European market has potential, especially in the countries of the region – Bosnia- Herzegovina, Montenegro and Macedonia, where Neoplanta realises 90 per cent of its exports. However, due to current regulations regarding vaccinations against swine flu, we currently export pâtés and ready-meals to Europe.

On the other hand, our greatest strength and the category in which we can compete equally with European players is that of products with long shelf lives. If the issue regarding swine flu vaccinations can be resolved, we could successfully export products in our durable goods range to the European market. This is particularly important if we remember that Vojvodina is a pioneer in our country in the production of sausages with a long shelf-life and that consumers rate Neoplanta tea sausages the best in Serbia for taste and overall quality.

In order to have a successful brand, it is essential to have high-quality raw materials, original recipes, cutting-edge equipment and technology, respect for the highest standards in production processes, as well as a dedicated team that will convert the product into a brand

How would you rank in terms of importance in your production processes: good raw materials, modern technology and professional personnel; what is your recipe for success?

In order to have a successful brand, it is essential to have high-quality raw materials, original recipes, cutting-edge equipment and technology, respect for the highest standards in production processes, as well as a dedicated team that will convert the product into a brand. The most successful brands are those that adapt the quickest to market trends and changes, to the needs and habits of consumers, without deviating from their mission and vision. We will continue, as a market leader, to strive to set standards in the production and marketing of processed meat products on both the domestic and foreign markets.

What are Neoplanta’s future plans?

Neoplanta is known among consumers for its brands – Pipi and Gudi, Neoplanta Delikates, Prego, Patelina, Moja. Unlike many companies that generally only build one brand, Neoplanta is one of the few that has opted for the strategy of developing a wide range of successful brands, while of course adapting to market trends and respecting the habits and tastes of consumers, as well as the motives for purchasing from different categories. Viewed in economic terms, such a strategy is more challenging, but, on the other hand, it is also in line with our goal and plans – to approach consumers in the right way and to build enduring, sustainable and healthy brands that consumers will love for decades.

Of our current activities, we are completing the construction of our state-of-the-art wastewater treatment facility, which has a value of 1.7 million Euros and which is expected to become operational very soon. Apart from the fact that it will secure reductions in water usage within actual production processes, with the construction of this plant Neoplanta has acquired conditions to apply the standards of the best available technical requirements adopted by the European Commission.

Innovations are an integral part of our operations because we want to distinguish ourselves from the competition through innovation and quality. This will also be the focus of our business in the period ahead, along with a desire to achieve even better results.


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