Business Dialogue

Mladen Jevtić, Adriatic Region Sales Manager at Hitachi Vantara

Focus on Connecting Industrial Needs With Your Data

We are leaders, who continue advancing full steam ahead

Robert Lukić, Director at Toyota Srbija

Toyota Dictates Trends

Toyota's output in Serbia in 2019: Four new models, growth of market share and record sales of hybrid vehicles

Japan’s 2020 Olympics

Marking a Significant Rebirth for the Country

When historians assess the Abe era, they will use the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games as their benchmark. They will note that Abe’s grandfather Kishi Nobusuke championed Japan’s bid for the 1964 Games. They will highlight the decisions to use the 1964 stadium as the starting point for a new, futuristic arena and to renovate other existing facilities to illustrate the continuity between the two Games

Victor Veklitch, Vice President and General Manager at JTI Western Balkans

Continuous Investments in aur People & Business

JTI has invested more than $181 million in Serbia since 2006, modernising facilities, launching cigarette production, tripling its market share and establishing highscale exports to Montenegro, Bosnia- Herzegovina, North Macedonia and Albania, as well as the export of tobacco to the EU

Magic Code

With Quality There is No Compromise

Magic Code is a young company that has, in less than ten years, grown from being a small family-run enterprise to become an importer and distributor of many global brands, including Japanese facial care brand Hada Labo Tokyo

Vladimir Gak, President of the Municipality of Inđija

11 Investors in 3 Years

Inđija is a leader in Serbia in many areas and the most favourable place for investment in this part of Europe, thanks to which it was able to attract Japanese giant Toyo Tires. This will help to ensure citizens have the highest possible salaries, a high standard of living, the best quality public administration service etc

Radoš Gazdić, Director of the Development Agency of Serbia (RAS - Razvojna agencija Srbije)

With a Good Tailwind

According to the estimates of the Development Agency of Serbia, 2020 will be marked by the further growth of investments, primarily in the automotive and food industries, tourism, ICT and the electronics sector, as well as generally in projects that imply high-tech processes and capital intensive investments

Shaip Kamberi, President of the Municipality of Bujanovac

We are Grateful for the Assistance

The Municipality of Bujanovac occupies a fifth of the territory of the Pčinja District, where 15% of the population of this district lives and has an extremely favourable age structure, which represents valuable and dynamic social potential for social and economic development

Marija Cvetković, President of the Municipality of Gadžin Han

We Value Japan’s Help

The Embassy of Japan donated €228,475 to three healthcare facilities at the end of last year, including the Gadžin Han Health Centre. This valuable new donation represents great assistance to the citizens of this small, underdeveloped municipality, and also testifies to the friendship between the two countries

Vladimir Stojanović, President of the Municipality of Kučevo

Swifter Diagnosis and Treatment

The Kučevo Health Centre has received an ultrasound machine, an analogue mammogram screener and a device for digitalising X-ray images. This new medical equipment, with a total value of 81,900 euros, will enable more accurate diagnostics and thus the more successful treatment of patients

Vladeta Lučić, Director of PUC "Mladenovac"

Our Streets are Now Cleaner

The Municipality of Mladenovac is one of those included in the projects of the Government of Japan to cater to the basic needs of the population (POPOS) in Serbia, and public utility company “Mladenovac” is among the public enterprises to have received significant financial assistance and support

UNIQA expands in CEE

• UNIQA purchases AXA subsidiaries in Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia growth markets • Acquisition results in 5 million new customers and €800 million in...

Tamara Daltroff, EACA Director-General

Complex Challenges & Exciting Future of Advertising

With increasingly complex systems to navigate through, there are many challenges facing the advertising industry today. It is hard to balance between multiple goals...

Branislava Cagronov, Regional MD UM

Innovation & Partnership

HOW CLIENTS AND AGENCIES ARE COOPERATE TODAY WHEN IT COMES TO THE MEDIA? At a time when our business has become very dynamic, which...

Mirjana Višnjić, General Manager, We Media Agency D.o.o.

We Are Able to Play

I think we are in one of the most beautiful businesses that exist, primarily because it is based on our imagination. We are able to "play" with our clients' expensive products and imagine what we could do to make them better. WE Media Agency's team "plays" every day with one of the most expensive products, because we have fallen in love with PR and marketing in real estate, and for the most part, we operate in that field. So, basically, every day we "play" with real estate

Tamara Bekčić, General Director and Milena Avramović, Executive Director, Co-founders of Agency Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Jubilee: Quality Wins Clients

PR agency network of 10 Chapter 4offices in 10 countries, along with a large number of partners across the CEE region, is preparing the10th birthday celebration. This jubilee will be used to upgrade agency strengths, cooperation with clients, and further market positioning in a strategic and creative sense

Nevena Kurtović, Managing Director, Fusion Communications

We Love This Industry

Integrated communications agency Fusion Communications is the author of the most award-winning campaigns. Comprehensive communication strategies are the basis for their services – PR, experiential marketing and social media marketing

Aleksandra Kožul, Communications Director, External, Internal and Digital, at Novaston

Shoppers Want To Stop & Shop

Novaston, as an independent real estate platform, is changing the known concept of retail parks to suit the needs of the domestic market – shoppers in Serbia actually want a place where they can spend quality time with quality and affordable shopping