Banking sector

Stable & Highly Resilient

The main objective for all of us should be to ensure that bank operations are sustainable in the long run, in order to avoid a repetition of past negative experiences. Thanks to the measures we undertook in past years, the domestic banking system is now stable and highly resilient against various macroeconomic shocks


Eurobank is celebrating an important jubilee - 15 years of successful business on the Serbian market and 15 years of commitment to its clients, business partners and the community in which it operates. Over the 15 years of its operations, the Bank has been growing by increasing its number of employees and branches, by implementing new technologies and by offering innovative products and services tailored to the needs of its clients

We’re Focused On Client’s Needs

Despite oscillations in the banking sector, UniCredit Bank is succeeding in strengthening its position on the market and increasing its net profits, loan volume, number of clients and number of employees. The bank is currently focused on improving its integrated offer, online and mobile banking platforms and corporate portals

Small, But Efficient

The ambitious vision of JUMBES Bank from the beginning of 2016, aimed at changing a negative trend and starting anew, to create value for shareholders, has been successfully realised over the previous two years, thus making the Bank stable, profitable and with good prospects for the period to come

Well-Grounded Optimism

The results of the banking sector’s operations in 2017, together with the prospects of further improvement in 2018, show that the banking sector is highly secure, stable and liquid

Enduring Relationships Create Trust

The previous two years have proven to be the most dynamic period in the recent history of the Postal Savings Bank . As a result of this, the bank is today a stable and secure financial institution that ended 2017 more than successfully, realising a profit of 3.9 billion dinars

Our Banks Are Stable

Among those working at the Aleksić and Associates Law Office is one of the most efficient and experienced lawyers in Serbia specialising in banking law. In addition to representing more than half of domestic banks, this office also represents major corporate clients