Nebojša Pantelić

New Director Of The Network And Retail Management Function At Vojvođanska Bank

Nebojša Pantelić (41) was appointed as the new director of the network and retail management function at Vojvođanska Banka, effective as of January 2017.

Pantelić possesses a wealth of professional experience and knowhow, which will further improve the quality of services and the creation of products tailored to meet the needs of existing and future clients of Vojvođanska Banka. He took on his current position after spending many years working as director of financial market functions at Vojvođanska Banka, a position he held from 2007. A member of the Financial Markets Association, he graduated from the University of Belgrade’s Faculty of Economics, Department of Finance, Banking and Insurance.

A fluent English speaker, Pantelić  was born in Belgrade and is a married father of three children.