Miloš Brusin

New Chairman of the Telenor Banka Executive Board

Miloš Brusin, until recently financial and risk management director at Telenor Banka, has been appointed as the new Chairman of the Telenor Bank Executive Board, effective as of 1st June.

A graduate of the Belgrade University Faculty of Economics, Miloš has vast experience in the banking industry, acquired in managerial positions covering the areas of risk and retail operations.

Mr Brusin started developing his career 13 years ago at Findomestic Bank. He has built up h professional experience through various roles, performing tasks in the areas of risk management, system support management and operations with retail clients – collections of receivables and payment card operations. He joined the Telenor Banka team in 2016, as a member of the executive board and director of finance and risk management.