H.E. Emílio José de Carvalho Guerra

New Ambassador of Angola to Serbia

H.E. Emílio José de Carvalho Guerra (73) graduated in Agronomy in the former USSR and from 1970 to 1979 served as Director of the Institute of Education of Angola, Director of the Foreign Relations Department of the MPLA, Inspector General of the Ministry of Industry and Energy and Deputy Minister of Industry and Energy.

From 1979 to ‘87, Mr Guerra was Minister of Fisheries, and from 1984 to ‘94 he served as Ambassador to the Kingdom of Belgium, the Netherlands and the former EEC (current European Union). In 1994 he was appointed Ambassador to the Republic of Congo – Brazzaville, and from 2001 to ‘09 he held ambassadorial posts to the Republic of Gabon (resident) and respectively to Cameroon, Guinea and Chad (non-resident).

H.E. Emílio José de Carvalho Guerra arrives in Serbia having vacated the post of Ambassador to the Democratic Republic of Congo.

A married, father of eight children, Ambassador Guerra speaks Portuguese (spoken and written), French (spoken and written), Russian (still good knowledge), Spanish (spoken) and his native Kikongo language.