New Ambassador Of The Republic Of Korea To Serbia

H.E. Dae Jong Yoo

Dae Jong Yoo

H.E. Dae Jong Yoo (53) graduated in French Literature at Seoul National University, prior to joining the Korean Foreign Ministry in 1988. He attended French L’École nationale d’administration for the promotion of René Char (1993-1994).

His diplomatic career includes postings at the Korean embassies in Geneva (1997-1999), Senegal (2000-2002) and Vienna (2010-2011), as well as at the Korean Permanent Mission to the UN in New York (2004-2007 and 2012-2014).

He also served as Secondment to the ASEAN–KOREA Centre in Seoul (Director for Development Planning and General Affairs) in 2009.

Ambassador Yoo has also held various posts at the Korean Foreign Ministry, including serving as Principal Secretary to the Vice Minister (1995-1996), Director of the HR Management Division (2003-2004) and Director-General for International Organisations (2014-2016). Ambassador Yoo is a married father of two sons.