UniCredit re-invests €13 bln in Organic Growth

UniCredit is a long-term, strategic investor in CEE, focused on developing its corporate and private customers business in the region.

unicredit bank

Since 2007 UniCredit re-invested €13 billion in profit before tax in the region. In 2015 it acquired over 1.2 million new customers across CEE and intends to grow its customer base by a million customers each year until 2018. According to its Strategic Plan UniCredit will invest €1.2 billion into digitalization aiming at matching new trends in customer can i order tramadol online behaviour and reducing costs. The number of internet banking users is projected to increase from five to 10 million and the number of mobile banking users from one to seven million over the next three years. CEE lending volume is expected to grow by EUR 20 billion to €106 billion in 2018.