Let’s Open The National Museum

Zaječarsko beer is launching a national campaign called Let’s Open the National Museum Together, under which consumers across Serbia can buy special edition cans and thereby contribute to collecting the funds needed to finish renovating the National Museum in Belgrade.

As a brand with a long-standing tradition and heritage, Zaječarsko beer will donate to the National Museum one dinar for every specially designed beer can sold in the period from 1 February to 15 June 2018.

 During this period, Zaječarsko beer cans will have a new design adorned by visuals of four art pieces – A Portrait of Vuk Karadžić by Dimitrije Avramović, Miloš, Marko and the Fairy by Paja Jovanović, Motif from Šid by Sava Šumanović, and The Tree in the Woods by Nadežda Petrović.

 “We are proud that Zaječarsko beer and its consumers will give an important contribution to finishing the renovation of the National Museum – an institution of exceptional national and cultural importance. We are looking forward to the opening of the Museum after 15 years, so that all citizens of Serbia and many tourists will once again have a chance to visit the institution that preserves our rich cultural heritage”, said Jasmina Trijić, Zaječarsko beer Senior Brand Manager.

The National Museum was founded in 1844 with the aim of “collecting all antiquities in one place and preserving them for posterity”, as referred to in the founding act of this institution that has largely been closed for renovation since 2003.

“What we essentially want to accomplish by renovating the National Museum is to create conditions for the lasting preservation and contemporary presentation of our cultural heritage, to achieve a functional, organisational and technical modernisation of the building and create additional space for basic activities, particularly exhibiting and communication with the audience. The main goal is the transformation of the museum and the change of the exhibition’s narrative, in accordance with professional standards”, said Bojana Borić Brešković, Director of the National Museum.

In the following months, Zaječarsko beer will organise a number of promotional and educational actions across the country with the aim of gathering funds for the finalisation of works and additionally informing the public of the importance of the four works of art by exceptional Serbian painters.

photo: narodnimuzej.rs