Forum Mapping a Circular Economy in Republic of Serbia

Association of waste industry of Serbia „Hrabri čistač“, member of FEAD (European Federation of Waste Management and Environmental Services), in cooperation with GAJP (Group for analysis and policy – making), and Veolia, organized Forum „Mapping a Circular Economy in Republic of Serbia“ in Serbian Chamber of Commerce. Forum was one of the many different events in the whole world during the week dedicated to circular economy. This is initiative of „Circular Economy Club” from London.

On this occasion, Sandra Kamberović, General Secretary of “Hrabri čistač” stated that circular economy can ensure economy development and new jobs, but in the same time is necessary to start with implementation of regulation and resolve previous issues, such as primary waste section, following the strategies and deadlines, extended responsibilities for producers, and private investments.

Siniša Mitrović, from the Center for Circular Economy of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, pointed out the importance of cooperation between industry and the civil sector in order to develop strategic framework for the circular economy and added: “It is crucial to provide support to the administration in time when the negotiation platform for Chapter 27 creates and builds, and The Green Fund further develops”. Sonja Milovanović, represent of Veolia Company, presented the work of this company as an example of successful business, according to the principles of circular economy. “By applying these principles, we realized that we are not dealing only with socially responsible business, but we also have profits through savings,” said Milovanović.

A constructive discussion followed the presentation.

The conclusions from the conference will be soon published on the website of “Hrabri čistač”