AmCham Announces Top Young Leaders In Change

The American Chamber of Commerce in Serbia (AmCham) has declared the winners of the fourth generation of its programme “AmChamps – Young Leaders in Change”. This year’s winners are mentoring pair Vladislava Đumić Trtica, a young manager at company Delhaize, and Luka Pavlović, a graduate student of the Faculty of Organisational Sciences.

The three mentoring pairs shortlisted as finalists spent the preceding three months developing projects for the companies where they work as managers (Delhaize, IBM, Publicis One), under the mentorship of members of the AmCham Board of Directors. The winning pair prepared the project “Maxi Online: people as the power of digital changes”, which used the lifecycle of a single order to devise and present the process of an online shop.

Vladislava, as the best young manager and most successful mentor, will receive a scholarship for Executive MBA studies at Sheffield University, while Luka, as AmChamps’ best trainee student, will receive a scholarship to attend master studies at the City College of the same university in Thessaloniki. The other two final pairs were awarded half-scholarships for the same study programmes.

 “AmChamps” is a unique educational programme designed with the aim of enabling students and managers to develop business skills and know-how through work in mentoring pairs (manager-student), which will help them secure their first job or advance in their careers. During a year of working together, participants attend workshops and lectures where they receive, besides valuable advice, specific tasks to complete. The four cycles of the AmChamps programme to date have included the participation of 168 young managers and students.