Tango Night Tribute To Beltango Quintet

Argentine Ambassador to Serbia H.E. Ricardo Fernández hosted a 17th January reception and concert at the Argentinian ambassadorial residence as a tribute and mark of special recognition to professor Aleksandar Nikolić and the spiritus movens of the Beltango Quintet, as well as to the members of this quintet for their artistic and professional careers, with quality and transcendence for more than twenty years of dedication to music, especially tango music, both in Serbia and beyond.

Alongside traditional tango pieces, the concert saw the Beltango Quintet perform Astor Piazzolla’s compositions and milongas composed by Aleksandar Nikolić, well known as “Balkango”.

Attendees included members of the diplomatic corps and representatives of international organisations, as well as distinguished guests from Belgrade’s cultural and scientific life, all of whom enjoyed the music and spirit of this urban Argentine music.

In his formal remarks, Ambassador Fernández emphasised his proud that this music of Argentinean cities has been renewed and is increasingly alive with this contribution in Serbia, which has wisely incorporated Balkan notes that serve to unite our peoples and cultures even further.