Another Successful Year for UniCredit Bank

21.03.2016UniCredit Bank continued achieving excellent business results in 2015, with the year proving to be one of the most successful for the bank since its arrival in Serbia

Improved processes, products and services merely validated the efficiency of the bank’s business format. Last year was the first time ever that the bank had a double-digit market share (exceeding 10%), while its leadership position was further consolidated thanks to its efficiency and productivity, which in turn resulted in a higher market share and improvements in all other relevant parameters.

“I am very happy with the fact that 2015 was not only a year of excellent business results for us, but also one of the most successful years since we came to Serbia,” said Claudio Cesario, Chairman of the Executive Board of UniCredit Bank Serbia, while Ljiljana Berić, Executive Board member in charge of the Finance Sector, added: “Despite many challenges, UniCredit Bank demonstrated its strength in 2015 and achieved extraordinary business results”.