Red Cross Serbia Anniversary Commemorated

The Red Cross of Serbia has commemorated 142 years since its foundation, which was initiated in 1876 by Dr Vladan Đorđević.

Attendees of the celebration included Dragan Radovanović Ph.D., President of the Red Cross of Serbia, and Jelena Stijačić, Head of the regional delegation of the ICRC in Belgrade.

Within the framework of the Red Cross of Serbia are two provincial organisations and 183 organisations of the Red Cross in cities and municipalities. At all levels of the organisation, a total of 750 professionals are employed, while the implementation of programmes includes more than 60,000 volunteers, 60% of whom are young people. In 2017 alone, this organisation’s activities covered 1.5 million citizens of Serbia.

The reception was attended by activists, volunteers, state officials, members of the diplomatic corps and others.