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Alex Bellini is a 38-year-old public speaker from Italy who now lives in Oxford, UK, with his wife and two daughters. He wants to drop a specially designed survival capsule onto an iceberg in Greenland and live inside it for up to 12 months, or until the iceberg flips.

Bellini is an adventurer at heart, and he sees this as his next great challenge. He also wants to highlight how climate change is affecting ice sheets, something that’s pretty topical now that a large chunk of the Larsen C ice shelf in Antarctica has just broken off. “I’m not in love with Greenland, and I’m not personally in love with ice, even though I was born in the mountains. The reason I’m doing this is exploring, knowing, trying to understand how you can cope with unpredictable situations,” says Bellini. Bellini has picked a town called Ilulissat as his base, which is located in the North West of Greenland.