Italy 2020

Agribusiness 2020

The Land Is Everything

Slovenia Partner 2020

Small Country Of Great Value 

Nordic Countries 2020

What Can We Learn From the Nordics?

Real Estate in Serbia 2019

Sector on the Rise

Austria 2019

Business Partner Austria

USA – Serbia Partners 2019

Partners USA – Serbia: Better Understanding For Better Partnership

Germany 2019

Business Partner Germany

Transportation & Logistics Management 2019

Transportation & Logistics Management 2019

Guide to Foreign Investors Council 2019/20

Partner for Growth, Contribution of Foreign Investors to Serbia's Economic Development

The Best Places 2019

The Best Places for Calm Autumn Sun

Partner: Switzerland – Serbia 2019

Strong & Efficient Relations

Human Resource Management in Serbia – 2019

Linking the HR Function With the Strategic Objectives of the Organization

France – Serbia 2019

Year of Jubilees

Slovenia 2019

Strong Growth Potential

Montenegrin Foreign Investors Council 2019

Promoting business opportunities

Green Serbia 2019

The Environmental Movement In Serbia 2019

Greece 2019

The Cradle Of European Culture

Agribusiness 2019

Land Is Everything

Transportation 2019

Prerequisites for the Fast Development of the Country

MPC Properties

The biggest real estate development company in the region

Infrastructure 2019

The Base Of Economic Development

Morocco 2019

A Land of Opportunities a Pole of Stability and Sustainable Growth

eWB Digital Transformation

A exclusive publication dedicated to the Western Balkans Digital Summit 2019, produced in cooperation with the Serbian Government Office for IT and eGovernment

Partners: ITALY & SERBIA 2019

Always Together - After 140 Years, Let’s Go Forward!

Partners: ITALY & SERBIA 2019

Always Together - After 140 Years, Let’s Go Forward!

Education 2019

Guide to Private & State Education 2019

Communications 2019

Important Supporter of the Serbian Economy

January 2019 issue, no 171

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas 2019

India 2019


Montenegro 2019

A Small Gem Of High Value

Japan 2018

Tradition & Modern Synergy

Business Partner Austria 2018

Business Partner Austria

Germany – Serbia Partner 2018

Business Partner Germany

Foreign Investors Council 2018/2019

Partner For Growth - Contribution Of Foreign Investors To Serbia's Economic Development

Hotels 2018

The Best Hotels For September Sun After Summer Delights

Switzerland-Serbia Partner 2018

Serbia Will Remain A Priority Country For Swiss Cooperation In Eastern Europe

Serbian Energy Sector 2018

Sustainability As An Energy Sector Development Challenge

13th Edition International Business Sector 2018

Over 40 of the highest political officials, foreign economic representatives and more than 2500 foreign companies, in one place

USA – Partner 2018

Partners: Sharing Past & Future

India 2018

India - Serbia: Sharing Close Bonds Of Friendship & Cooperation

Montenegrin Foreign Investors Council MFIC 2018

Foreign Invenstors Council 2018

Serbian Banking Sector 2018

Prospects And Challenges Of The Serbian Banking Sector

Slovenia 2018

First 15 Years Of The Slovenian Business Club In Serbia

World Cup 2018

Ultimate Guide World Cup 2018 Russia

Transport & Logistics Sector Serbia 2018

Transport & Logistics Management

Agribusiness Serbia 2018

The Land Is Everything

Agribusiness 2017

Land Is Everything That Matters

Azerbaijan 2018

100th Anniversary Of The Azerbaijan Democratic Republic

Thinking Green & Living Clean 2018

Join Up - Take Action

Construction Sector 2018

Leaders Of The Serbian Construction Sector

Guide to Private and State Education 2018

Guide Private And State Education In Serbia

Human Resources 2018

Serving Economic Growth